Piedmont Home

linuxThanks for visiting the homepage of the Piedmont Linux club.  We originally formed and operated as a geek conservatory to talk and work on all things related to Linux, but of course, as any geek and nerd should, we are interested in far more than just that wonderful operating system.  But we take our organization very seriously.  We put on our breakaway lanyards and badge reels, scan ourselves in at the door (thanks to John for setting up the scanner!) and keep things very professional and serious.  Minus the nonstop laughter!

I think the coolest thing that has come from this organization is we may have built the very first KPI dashboards available on Linux!  It is now being used, free of charge in honor of our Linux leaders, in several companies that we all work at, and it’s been reported that the key performance indicators are only improving!  You can’t beat that.  They are also constantly using a password manager one of our founding members, Dave, coded.  So don’t let anyone call you a nerd again just because you have a passion for coding!  Geeks will rule the world soon!  Muhahahaw!  Check out an ex-member’s (don’t worry, he only moved!) business with infrared thermography.  He can save you a killing in your utilties bill month after month.

So nerds unite!  Get your flip chip assembly and your paper punch, because we have some work to do!  It’s not all fun and games in the Piedmont Linux club, although it mostly is!  Get your keyboard mouse together, fire up the managed VPS, and let’s get to coding!  And please, for the love of the computer gods, please share your love of Linux with everyone you know!  If anyone is still using Windows, they are banned!  Mac OSX we can understand… but Windows?  Get out of here with that!

Jokingly, we welcome everyone!  Seriously though, you have to be an elite Linux master to even think about applying for the club.  Read this website and see all of the crazy technology stuff we constantly talk about and then decide if it’s something you still want to get involved with.  It’s heavy stuff!  Technology is constantly evolving and so is this club.  So if your brain can handle that, then bring your energy drink or coffee of choice and join us for some chit chat.  I swear, we never play any table top role playing games here…